How To Make Sweater Pumpkins – This is an adorable Halloween project that I learned from Alderberry Hill.  You make pumpkins from the sleeves of old sweaters and then decorate them.  They look really easy too.  

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to post this.  Here is a similar tutorial for making a fabric pumpkin, using woven fabric to give you the right idea.  (The kids are really cute too.)
What You Need
.  Sweater sleeves cut to desired length.  Cut piece long enough to make the stem too.
.  Twine
.  Hot glue or needle and thread
.  Fiberfill for stuffing the pumpkin
.  Decorations
Assembly Directions
.  Turn sweater sleeve piece inside out and secure with twine
.  Then turn right side out again
.  Secure top of pumpkin with more twine, so that there is an open seam on the side and enough sweater fabric at the top to make the stem.
.  Stuff with fiberfill and either stitch seam closed with needle and thread or use hot glue gun. 
.  If you want your pumpkin to have ribs, wrap twine around the pumpkin six to eight times and tie at the bottom.  You should then have as many ribs.  The tighter you wrap the twine, the more defined the ribs will be.  
.  Form the stem with the remaining sweater fabric.  
.  About one third of the way up the fabric, tie some twine
.  Then double the fabric back on itself so that the end forms a collar around the top of the pumpkin.  Tie at bottom with twine.
.  Now, to form a more defined stem, wrap the stem with the twine around and around until it looks the way you want it to.  Or you can leave the stem rather pouffy without the twine wrap.  (Alderberry Hill formed and sewed their pumpkin stems.)
Decorating Your Pumpkin
.  Your imagination is the limit.  Try any of these.
.  Tie stem with decorative raffia or ribbons
.  Cut felt leaves and attach to pumpkin
.  Attach Halloween decorations
.  Or leave as is with the twine as decoration  Just to name a few.
This is a fun looking project that I can’t wait to try.  
So why not make a family of sweater pumpkins to group together.

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